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Elevate Clothing LLC, established in 2019.

Elevate came about due to my struggles while attending Wayne State University. I attended WSU from 2008 -2018 to achieve my BSEE, during that journey, I had lots of ups and downs, lots of hospital visits, death, failed classes, children and loss of jobs.

I lost my way, everything was going wrong, I finally passed a class that took me three tries to pass. Summer 2012, I needed a fresh start and I needed to reassure myself that I wasn't dumb, so I challenged myself to go get my associates degree to get a full-time position at the place I was interning. I walked out of there with a 3.89GPA and it made me realize, I was not putting in the work I needed to. Thus this is where Elevate came from. I had to elevate my surrounding, my thinking, my mental state and my life in general. I had to remember who is was doing this for; my wife and children and family for generations to come. On the path to generational wealth, this is one step. 

The Clothing Line came from me wanting to own a clothing brand as a youth. I had/have a passion for cooking, shoes, clothing and sports, so I am fulfilling things that I had a vision for while I was a youth. 

Now that I have my success in starting Elevate Clothing. I also want my company to be a message to everyone, although life may beat on you, continue to fight back daily and NEVER give up. Always stay positive, no matter the situation. ​

Never give in, Never Fold!

Always stay true to you and stick to the plan!

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